Half Moon Manicure

You can use any colours for this Look, but remember to use the lighter shade for the half-moon.
For this specific look in the picture you will need navy nail-colour, a silver or metallic nail-colour, 10 ring reinforcement stickers and a clear top coat.

  1. Apply 1-2 coats of your silver / metallic nail-colour. Ensure you have a smooth, solid silver base coat. Let nails dry completely (wait about 30 min)
  2. Place a ring reinforcement sticker on the base of the nail, with the outside edge of the sticker laid over your half-moon. Hint: cut a slit in each sticker – it helps them to lie more evenly. Press each sticker down so it adheres to the nail.
  3. Apply the Navy nail-colour to the bottom part of the nail – at least two coats.
    Let the colour dry for about 10 min, then peel the stickers off slowly.
  4. Apply a clear top coat to finish off your Half Moon Manicure.

Found article at All4Women , The Beauty Department , Ciao Bella

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