Horse and Donkey (Inspirational article)


Grand_Master Hsing_Yun

It doesn’t matter if your Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim… I think this little story I found in a Buddhist  newsletter is applicable to anyone in any religion.

This article was in the Nan Hua Newsletter (Issue 37. March 2010) and was entitled Horse And Donkey By Grand Master Hsing Yun

“You ride on a horse, while I ride on a donkey. Looks like you are better of than me!  Turning around, I see a man pushing his cart. Some are better off than me, but there are others less fortunate than myself!”

We should stop comparing ourselves with other people. If we continue, we will constantly be frustrated. We should also not be too manipulating. People who are overly manipulating are constantly in a tug of war with others and can never find peace.

“you ride a horse, while I ride a donkey.”

You can always find someone better off than yourself . You drive a luxury car, while I drive a rust bucket. You drive a car, while I only ride a motorcycle. You ride a motorcycle, while I only ride a bike.

But “turning around, I see a man pushing his cart.”

There are lots of people who do not even own a bicycle and they have to walk. We need to understand that although there are others more fortunate than us, there are also many who are less fortunate. We need to be content with our situation and not always expect more. If we must compare, we shouldn’t compare ourselves with the physical (wealth, fame and luxury). We should instead compare ourselves with the spiritual (ethics, abilities, knowledge, forgiveness and love). We should better ourselves in these areas.

The verse above tells us to be content with our own situation.

Here is another verse mocking people who are never satisfied with themselves;

At first, I work hard for two meals, then it is for nice clothing.
Now that I have nice clothing, I long for a beautiful wife.
Now that I have a beautiful wife, I want a nice carriage.
Now that I have a nice carriage, I want a fertile farm.

Now that I have many acres of fertile land,
I want a government title to impress others.
I do not want to start at the bottom of the ladder,
Not even in the middle.

When I am the emperor and everything is going well, I long to live forever.
There is no end to my wants, until the day I die with reluctance.

Can you see from this poem that there is no end to our wants and cravings? One’s happiness doesn’t depend on how much money you have or what title you carry. Sometimes money can bring headaches and high positions can bring worries.

We shouldn’t be selfish and only take, we should also give. Someone who only knows how to take, without giving, will never be happy.

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