Rhinestone Manicure

Photographed by Denisio Truitt

For this Manicure you’ll need clear nail-colour, nude nail-colour, a cuticle stick and rhinestone in various small sizes.

  1. Apply two coats of the nude nail-colour, then apply one coat of the clear nail-colour.
  2. Now dip the end of the cuticle stick into a drop of clear nail-colour, and with the sticky end, pick up a rhinestone. Press the rhinestone onto the nail, starting with the pinky finger.
  3. Continue applying them to both hands (pinky, ring and middle fingers) Use different cuts and sizes of stones to make the look more interesting.
  4. Once all the desired stones are placed, apply a coat of clear nail-colour to secure the stones in place.

I found this awesome nail tutorial at Refinery29

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