Fruit Cream Meal Replacement – 1 Day Diet

Here is an awesome lil recipe , I’ve use it on many occasions not just as a diet meal replacement but also just as a tasty snack… I add some more yogurt than required by the recipe….

This day long diet works because it gives your digestive system a rest and it’s just the thing if you need to shake off a few kilos fast. Nobody minds to stick to a diet for 24 hours. You barely feel the strain, and the results are visible.

You can lose up to 2 kg in one day. This diet is sooo easy to follow. You mix the ingredients. The combination of fruit-juices and creamy milk makes it a simple and highly effective diet. Here is the recipe to make one serving:

Fruit Cream Meal Replacement

6tbs (75ml) Apple Juice
6tbs (75ml) Orange Juice
2tsp (10ml) Lemon Juice
1tsp (5ml) Yogurt
1tbs (12.5ml) Full cream ideal milk

Mix all together and drink 3 times per day instead of meals.

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