Conflict at work

This article might help in certain instances, but if the person you are dealing with is a complete stupitard. Sorry no help for you!!!

Here’s a little article I found on the topic…

Let’s face it: You’re never going to see eye-to-eye with everyone you work with. There will always be minor disagreements and differences of opinion. The workplace is supposed to be a nice mix of people – so the occasional conflict is to be expected. The way you handle conflict in the workplace can have an enormous impact on how you are viewed as an employee. It can effect your entire career and it can say a lot about your character. Take some time to learn the basics of “dispute resolution” and follow these tips:

Conflict Resolution Tip 1: Always Be Respectful

No matter what the other party throws at you, remember that you are in the workplace. Remain a calm, cool professional and you will always stay one step ahead of the game. Be assertive but stay polite and professional at all times. Address conflict with an attitude of sincere desire to improve the situation. Don’t confront it with negativity and a desire to complain.

Conflict Resolution Tip 2: Be Solution Oriented

When addressing conflict, do not simply state the problem and your frustration with it. Instead, offer possible solutions. Look at what is causing the situation and try to find things you can do to improve it. An attitude focused on resolution will invite others to communicate more openly.

Conflict Resolution Tip 3: Show Willingness to Negotiate

Be open to the idea of compromise and let the other person know this. Before you approach the conversation, be confident in your stance and know what you are willing to negotiate on and what you feel strongly should not be compromised. Do your best to be flexible. Look for a way to come to a conclusion that satisfies both parties.

Conflict Resolution Tip 4: Ask a Neutral, Third Party to Mediate

If you feel you aren’t getting anywhere by speaking directly with the person you are experiencing conflict with, feel free to invite a neutral, third party to help mediate. They often can help facilitate a balanced conversation and a resolution that both parties find acceptable. If nothing else, at least both parties end up feeling they have been heard.

Conflict Resolution Tip 5: Be Willing to Back Down

Consider what is important about the conflict. Many times, people get caught up wanting to be “right” and they don’t realize how trivial the disagreement is. Consider the consequences of continuing to argue. If it appears that your relationship with the person may be seriously and permanently damaged, you may want to re-evaluate your stance. If this is a person you ultimately respect and value your relationship with, you may want to consider backing down in an effort to keep the peace. Don’t let your ego get in the way. You don’t want to lose a person you care about over something that, in the grand scheme of things, is irrelevant.

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I hope this can help you!!! For me, um I just had some sarcastic remarks in the back of my mind… but I won’t spoil this one 🙂
But please be my guest if you want to add some sarcastic comments.
My best advice on this matter:
– Keep calm and swear softly 🙂
– Work your ass off, and beat them that way.
– Suck up to the boss, be the golden child.
– Let them go off about mundane sh!t… show that you can keep cool (but first create an incident where they lose it – and destroy the evidence)
Please add your advice on conflict at work

4 thoughts on “Conflict at work

  1. Hmm sounds good. I would add that a swift punch in the throat solves most problems. Some people find it a bit rude though, so first get a feel for the vibe around you. If most of the people are wussy little lady boys then it probably won’t go down well.

    • Hehe… yes this could be a solution, but management will not agree 🙂 plus I’m a bit of a wussy myself… so instead I’ll throw a stapler at them and then run like hell…

  2. Like the advice Angel, and Luke…….. my mom had a saying about violence. (ask Angel about it sometime), ‘cos I don’t think I’m allowed to say something like that online….Hiehiehie.

    • Hehehe jip… But Marix, we were taught to turn the other cheek… But that is just a recipe to get your @ss kicked… I say stand your ground…

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