5 minute Chocolate cake

This has become a classic recipe. This recipe also comes with a warning, it is so easy to make that it can become a daily treat. Not good for a lean body 🙂 Originally this is made in a mug but I like to make it in a porridge bowl, then split it between me and my better half as one portion is quite a lot…. Makes for a great dessert.

5 minute cake – 22 May 2012

50 ml (4 tbsp) Cake Flour
50 ml (4 tbsp) Sugar
25 ml (2 tbsp) Cocoa
1 Egg
37.5ml (3 tbsp) Milk
37.5ml (3 tbsp) Oil
Mug or porridge bowl

chocolate chips or nuts

Place the flour, sugar and cocoa in the bowl/mug. Mix well.
Spoon in the egg, mixing it well.
Pour in the milk and oil, again mixing it well
Add the optional ingredients (I like putting in chocolate chips as they create a chocolate sauce at the bottom of the cake)
Put the bowl/mug in microwave for 3 minutes on maximum power (1000 watts)
Wait until it stops rising and sets in bowl/mug.

And that’s it done…. ENJOY !!!

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