Thick, strong, shiny hair with horse shampoo

My mom had strong, thick hair, that is until she went through chemotherapy. Her hair became brittle and dry, she started using Equiline horse shampoo. It helped a little to restore some growth.

I heard the stories of how it prevents hair loss, speeds up growth and that it makes hair thicker, stronger and shinier. So I wanted to test this for myself, I must say it was the best my hair ever looked.

WOW all this, but wait there’s more 🙂

The shampoo also conditions hair, as it was designed to give a glossy, healthy coat. It’s a gentle shampoo and you can use it daily. It is mild enough to use for sensitive scalps and is non-toxic so can be used on the whole family. 100% bio-degradable too.

The price ranges at about R 60 for a 1 litre bottle (Dischem). It is a bit runny so be careful when you pour it out, I find decanting it into a smaller, more manageable bottle works great.

Some people advise that you use the shampoo every 3 washes and it is IMPORTANT to use a GOOD CONDITIONER!!! See how it feels for you, if you feel it has enough conditioner then leave it. I like to use conditioner as well, I’ve never believed in a 2-in-1 approach.

For more on the topic visit these sites —> allabouthair, all4women

5 thoughts on “Thick, strong, shiny hair with horse shampoo

    • I’m using L’Oreal Elvive triple resist reinforcing conditioner… it’s for fragile hair with a tendency to fall… It has made a big difference for my hair

  1. That’s the truth that Equiline Shampoo works. It is unbelievable how this product can make a change in two weeks. Our Pharmacy tell me about this and I bye it and use it. I can feel the change’s in my hair. Thanks for a good product!

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