Pep-talk from Saint Will

I was recently seconded into a marketing position, being something new and completely uncharted territory for me, I was well… (the right saying would be shit scared but being a family blog I’m going for…) two minded about this position.

It seemed as though they picked the wrong person for this position. The conversation I had going in my head was along the lines of… I don’t have the right skills, I’m not a sales person, I don’t have the people skills, I can’t do this. So my friend jumped on his motivational horse and tried his best to encourage me. (encourage, sometimes I think the meaning of the word gets lost even though it’s so simple – to give courage.)

My friend wants to stay anonymous so I’ll just call him Saint Will.
What follows is the pep-talk St. Will gave me that day via gtalk.

St. Will: “Have you ever worked as a waiter at a restaurant?”

Me: “Nope…”

St. Will: “Okay, this is very similar to that…

The first couple of nights is a bit of a screw-up… you’re lost, confused, and get customer orders wrong – you run around like your head is on fire, meanwhile you only have 2 tables.

After a week, you’re running 6 tables at the same time, nailing orders like a BOSS, and still spend half your time eating breath-mints and talking nonsense with the other waiters.

We used to call it “Power-Waitering”. At that point you’re pretty much at the top of your game.

So, this is just a challenge – stop worrying and start being awesome instead – because once you get there, you’ll be running the company.”

I don’t know if you found this to be uplifting, but it helped me on the day. And yes it is a challenge, but I try not to worry and to be awesome instead. 🙂

Thanks Will… oops I mean St. Will

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