Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

Hi There readers

I am writing in letter format to you today. This is part of my attempt to enter the amazing word of The Daily post.

We live in a world so changed by technology, everything in our life is instant. When last did you write a real pen and paper letter to someone? Remember the days when you had to wait and wait and wait for a response from a letter you sent ages ago? It is always nice to open the post box and find a postcard or a hand written letter. Well other than bills of course 🙂

Well I check my email inbox regularly during the day (my email comes directly to my cellphone) I have a few email accounts, but only 3 I actually use. These are my blog’s email which includes all the posts from the blogs I follow, my private email and my work email.

From an email… A work colleague was going to write me a post for last week’s challenge – Stylish Imitation – which I must admit, I hit her with the challenge a bit late. But this was followed by a discussion on how life has changed and how we went from before to b4. Some days I think text messaging and chatting has taken away years of learning how to spell properly. I read so teenager’s facebook posts and think “OMW” what is this child saying.

Even our reading habits have changed dramatically from sitting with a book and turning the pages (have a picture in my head of a doctors waiting room) to the electronic version were you never have to lick your finger to turn a page or turn a corner to keep your spot. We read our newspaper like this too…. Well I suppose it is good for the environment, not using all that paper, and your house might be less cluttered. (even though there is nothing nicer than an old bookshelf)

Well it’s time to say goodbye… fair well…

Lots of blogging love

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