The Terminator released 28 years ago

Today 28 years ago (26 October 1984) The Terminator was released.

On its opening week, The Terminator played at 1,005 theaters and grossed $4,020,663 making it number one in the box office.

The plot of the movie.

Two beings from post-apocalyptic 2029, travel back in time to 1984. The one being, The terminator a cyborg assassin (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is programmed to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton); the other is Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), a human resistance fighter sent to protect her.

Schwarzenegger speaks only 18 lines in the film. James Cameron said that “Somehow, even his accent worked…It had a strange synthesized quality, like they hadn’t gotten the voice thing quite worked out.”

I was amazed at how young Arnie was in this movie. The scene where he arrives on earth, naked and WOW…. Arnie did have it (once upon a time)… If you haven’t seen it, DO IT!!! It’s old and the graphics are 1984 graphics but it is worth adding to your watch list.

From the 2nd movie

Find more info on Wiki/The Terminator 

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