Intro to code

I like learning new things, I’m what you might call a “Jack of all trades, Master of none”

I recently decided I want to be a web designer (in my spare time)… If that’s even possible… Oh and then there’s the small thing about my boss wanting me to redesign the company website 😦 scary….

So here I am devouring lil online courses… Codecademy, CodeSchool and Webmaking 101 challenges with P2PU. I have even done an introductory web design course at ExcelWithBusiness and now starting a Web Design course with MySkillsOnline.

Ok well that’s it from me… for now.

ps… This is Webmaking 101 challenge #1 Introduce Yourself

11 thoughts on “Intro to code

  1. Encouraging to see other people pursuing this stuff with some of the same goals, doubts, etc. I think the hardest part so far is finding a program to stick with. You can do it! Btw, I like the look of your blog! Design is where I’m falling asleep at the wheel, so far.

  2. Yeah, have to agree with most in regards to you comment “jack of all trades…”, I feel the same way. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to everyone on your webmaking adventure!

  3. The Jack of all trades, master of none also hit home with me 🙂 I have no idea what I want to do … but know that I want to do something for myself, so this seems a great place to start!
    My blog is here: … I’m combining the webmaking blog with an existing blog I have for a trip to Kili that we are doing in July. I hope to have enough skills by then to start a webpage and move beyond the world of the blog.
    Happy coding!

  4. Hey I really like your blog! I have just started my own blog over here! I am adjusting to having an online presence that is beyond my facebook page!

    I have just started a course on p2pu all about web development, if you have any free time please check out my blog, and if you really like it, please follow me!

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