Mosaic Plate Tutorial by Marix

Guest blog by Marijcke Dry

Finished Plate

Finished Mosaic Plate

You will need:

  • Raw Ceramic Plate
  • Wood Glue or Craft Glue
  • Mosaic tiles in different colors (enough to cover plate)
  • Tile nipper
  • Mosaic Tile Grout + water for mixing
  • Plastic Bowl for mixing grout   + spoon
  • Craft Paint + Paintbrush
  • Sponge
  • Clean Washcloth (old one)
  • Clear Varnish Spray Paint. (optional)


  1. Start by deciding on a design for your plate.
  2. Transfer or draw your design on the plate.
  3. Cut your tiles smaller in different sizes and shapes.
  4. Starting on the inside of the plate fill up your design with different colored tiles, making sure that you leave space between the tiles for the grouting.
  5. Finish up the base of the plate before you start on the outer edges.
  6. After covering the whole plate with gluing the tiles on leave the plate till the glue is dry.
  7. Mix some grout with water making sure it forms a smooth paste. (not too watery)
  8. Once again starting on the inside spread the grout into all the grooves, and cover the whole design. Finishing the edges neatly.
  9. Using a wet sponge wipe off the excess  grout.
  10.  Leave to dry completely. (24hours)
  11.  Once the grout is completely dry, use an old washcloth and rub the tiles clean, also make sure that all the excess grout is cleaned away.
  12.  To finish off your masterpiece paint the rest of your plate with craft paint that will match some of the tiles.
  13.  You can also use clear varnish spray paint to seal everything.

I love doing mosaic work, cutting the tiles and fitting them in their spaces is like building a puzzle.  For me it’s therapeutic…… Hope you enjoy doing this project as much as I did.

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