Wings by Aprilyne Pike – Book Review


Wings is the first young-adult Faerie novel written by Aprilynne Pike. Wings is the first of four books about a fifteen year old girl Laurel, who discovers that she is a faerie.

The Plot

Laurel has lived her whole life on her family’s land near the Redwood National and State Parks, where she was home-schooled by her “adoptive” parents. They move to Crescent City, where she has to attend public school which is very difficult for Laurel. Laurel misses being outdoors all the time but quickly makes friends with a handsome and sweet boy named David, who understands her and her strict vegan diet. Things are looking great for Laurel until a bump forms between her shoulders and she sprouts a giant flower on her back.

Hesitant to tell her parents about her affliction Laurel asks David for help, and together they investigate the strange phenomenon of her blossom. The two soon discover that Laurel’s whole body consists of plant cells  and that she is in fact a plant.

On a visit back to the family land laurel meets Tamani and her world is turned upside down. Laurel finds herself drawn to him, and he provides her with the answers that she has been looking for. As it turns out Tamani is a Faerie and so is Laurel. As a Scion, a faerie sent to the humans, she was sent to her parents when she was three years old to ensure that she would inherit their land, which holds something that is very important to the fae. This plan was nearly thwarted when Laurel’s family moved and put the land up for sale. The gate to Avalon, which the faeries have been protecting for ages is now threatened. Laurel must help save the faeries secret, protect her family, sort out her confused feelings for David and Tamani, and figure out her own identity.

I really loved reading  this book although it was written for a much younger generation. The story is beautifully written and it draws you into Laurels world. I have read three of the four books and is looking forward to reading the last one.


The Wings series consists of;

Wings                    2009
Spells                    2010
Wild                       2011  (also released as Illusions)
Destined              2012

Hope you enjoy reading the Wings  series by Aprilynne Pike ……. I did.

To read more follow this link —> wiki/Wings_Pike_novel


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