Introductions (Blogging 101)

Who Am I…?

Well I am the go-to-girl for general PC and tech issues, from PCs to coffee machines to facebook.

My special powers include being able to translate geek-speak into language for the rest of us, in both English and Afrikaans. I love technology, and my iPad, laptop and phone are never far away.

I have a bit of a crazy personality, I think it’s mostly to hide my true feelings about stressful things in my life. My ADD has aided me in having a massive field of interest.

In school I studied art and I always try out new styles of creative crafts. I absolutely love Photoshop. I am an Internationally Qualified Beauty Therapist, currently in the process of procrastinating my Human Resource Management studies. I have worked in many different industries as receptionist /admin lady / PA / clown of the company / marketing assistant and web administrator. And most recently I’ve made social media my passion, doing a bit of marketing and HR on the side for a conveyor belting company.

These industries include; My own Beauty Salon, Rubber Component Manufacturing, Office Automation, Pathology blood and specimen testing Lab, Creative craft shop, Gold Coin Retail shop, Financing and ICT. I’ve learned a lot, made many mistakes… and I am planning on learning loads more, hopefully with fewer mistakes.

With all this I love to study and learn new things, always on some free learning site doing some course that may or may not help me in my career and life goals.

My blog pretty much covers my wide variety of interests, including categories like movie reviews, nail art, cooking photography and art.

I have been a bit lazy in the last year with my blog and I hope that the Blogging 101 will remedy this.


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