The Adventure Begins

I am busy doing a course through Coursera called Introduction to Computational Arts. Below is this week’s assignment and my source images as well as my final image. I hope you like it.

Computational arts Assignment 

TASK DESCRIPTION: In this assignment, use your newly acquired skills to create a composition incorporating both image and text. Use this assignment as practice for your project, by thinking conceptually and aesthetically, choosing a theme/topic/issue of your preference (and not related to the Project description.) You should not explicitly indicate anywhere in your work what your concept is. Your work should speak for itself.

Here’s my source images I used to compile my artwork.

Here’s my compiled image for Assignment 7 of Intro to Computational Arts.


Introduction to Computational Arts – Assignment 7

3 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. I received a comment on Coursera about my work. The student thinks that I didn’t take these photos myself and if I did I must be traveling a lot…. All of these images were taken in Western Cape South Africa. Only one image was not taken by me… But by my friend, John.

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