Globalization “Language Games”

Computational Arts: assignment 8 Description

Imagine you have been invited to participate in an exhibition titled “Language Games” at the New Museum in New York City. The theme of this exhibition is the impact globalization* may have on contemporary life. Is there a new artistic language of the global? What is the relationship between an individual’s local existence and his or her social environment, which is less and less locally determined and may include collaborators, partners, and friends working in other parts of the world?

Your piece may be placed on the floor/wall/ceiling space inside the Museum or in the storefront window that faces Broadway. You may also create postcards, t-shirts, and posters as your piece in collaboration with the Museum.

My Artist Statement

I used Photoshop to compile this image for the theme Globalization – Language Games.

I considered how certain gestures and objects have the same meaning or value regardless of the language used to discuss them. I kept rethinking the topic of money, currency and gold. You can be in an unfamiliar country and even if you can’t understand the language you can still understand that money can get you what you need.

With my work I wish to illustrate how we as a society bow down to gold or money. We have become slaves to money, regardless of religion, language, education and upbringing… we cannot survive without money. Even the homeless guy begging next to the road, he is begging for money… Not for love or affection or food… okay maybe food… but ultimately it comes down to money.

So many relationships end because of the endless bowing down to money and forgetting to care about the other person’s feelings.

When will people become more important? When will enough be enough? Is money the root of all evil? Does money buy happiness? How can I have MORE money in my pocket?

So many questions need to be answered. With society expanding and the world shrinking the questions become more piercing. The stress becomes a mountain as we bow down to economy.

This artwork would be suitable for floor/wall space It may also be used as postcards, t-shirts, and posters as part of the collaboration with the Museum.

My Source Images

 My Final Image – Globalization “Language Games”


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