Another Year: 2014 coming to an end


And here we find ourselves at the end of another year.

This is a big year for me, in a few days I’m turning 30 😮 and the “What have I done with my life” thoughts have been rushing through my head for a while now.

awesome 30

What have I done? Where am I? Is this it?

I’ve decided to leave these questions unanswered until 2015… It’s time to let my hair down a bit, I’ve been focusing on being what everybody else wants or expects for a lil too long, and besides I’m not very good at it.

Recently got myself back on the single market… And this time around I’m doing things slightly different 😉 There is soooo much to explore, rediscover who I am… might be the perfect time for it as well. I’ve always loved December, maybe because it’s my birthday month and I use to party straight through from my birthday 22nd December up to New Year. It’s such a magical time especially in CapeTown SouthAfrica, the days are long and the summer sun creates a holiday feeling.

I feel ready to start exploring the new things out there, for the first time in forever I can just think about me. LOL even though it is quite tiring trying to party like a 26 year old (by the way that’s my new age… I feel 26 so that’s what I’m sticking to)

ecard turning 30

Today is my last work day for the year 🙂 planning on having an amazing break…

Enjoy the festive season, whether you are out on an adventure or spending some quality time with friends and family. 🙂

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