Pick A Door – It’s Just A Dream


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

Is this a dream? It feels so real… I’m anxious, why do I need to make a decision. Well I know what I want but what if you don’t want the same.

Three doors to choose from… I don’t want to make a mistake. There’s a lot at stake here, my heart, my love, my time, my life.

Hey life is a gamble… maybe it’ll all turn out good. Besides I know that, no matter what life brings I am exactly where I should be and I’ll get exactly what I deserve. (*inner dialog* or attract to me… stop telling yourself you’re a horrible person… no wonder shit’s not going your way *inner dialog* )

Three doors… one black, one red and one white… this is sort of like the matrix, which ever I choose… I can never go back, you can never undo the past… never un-choose. Well I’m not getting any younger here and time ticks by as I stand here in limbo… refusing to let go and walk through one of these doors. I’m terrified of change… “have you ever asked yourself what exactly you’re afraid of.”… Ty’s words ringing in my ears

Well what if I choose a door and there is nothing behind it and I am trapped in a world of nothingness… a lonely existence doomed to walk the earth alone forever. But then again what if I don’t choose and everybody else walk through those doors and I get stuck behind.

One Black… One Red… One White

My head is spinning… hey there’s that song… *musical number* “I see a red door and I want it painted black, no colours anymore I want them to turn black”

That’s it though the only door that makes sense… The white one, but do I want the goody goody door… it might be sooo boring… where’s the excitement. If only I can see behind the door before I choose, see the future… I need to know what I choose.

Why don’t you choose for me, this is too difficult…

I want the door to choose me… why is the door being so difficult?

One thought on “Pick A Door – It’s Just A Dream

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