Fifty Shades of Grey – Movie Review


My feelings on the movie

  1. It felt scripted, as if there was no natural flow in the dialogue. It felt like I was watching actors acting.
  2. The actors that played Anna and Christian, in my opinion didn’t have any onscreen chemistry
  3. I feel that the actors were not suited for the roles but each to their own on this. Christian Grey has a face now and I’m not sure I like this fantasy
  4. The sex scenes looked uncomfortable for the actors nevermind the audience
  5. I didn’t expect a lot from the movie as the book wasn’t brilliant
  6. “Sex Pants” will now be a quotable (inside joke)
  7. Almost saw some penis 🙂 but it was a top view… not the same as side boob LOL
  8. I have pretty much the same feeling as what I have about the first book… I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.
  9. There were some good parts that made me giggle
  10. In summary … Mixed feelings … maybe the characters will grow on me.

The Official Trailer

The Onion’s Review

Honest Trailer

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