Dad’s 1st Anniversary – ‘Don McLean – Vincent’

This is a post dedicated to my dad, he passed away 1 year ago. (13 October 2014)10291100_10153219686594908_2741376481374487472_n

It’s funny how your “words of wisdom” pop up every so often… Even though we didn’t always get along… I thank you, for the many things you taught me. For the person I am today. For passing on the artistic gene to me and being my biggest critic.

It might be strange but my parents suffering through cancer created a deep curiosity in me and made me a calmer more resilient individual.

My dad owned a business making rubber components, and I always joke… “No matter what life brings my way… It’s ok, I’ll bounce back, I grew up with rubber.”

I miss you dad… ❤

This was one of dad’s favourite songs and we played it on his funeral, and it’s so apt as in his last days he “suffered for his sanity”

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