Forgotten Ideas

Every so often I get this amazing idea for a blog post… and I open wordpress ready to be amazing.

And then a message notification distracts me… and when I get back to the PC I can’t remember the awesomeness I was about to give to the world.

I then open a bottle of wine coz that will obviously help… I then commence to write whatever pops into my head until the idea returns.

Sadly this never works… but hey if we don’t try it we will never know if it’ll work.

So now I will digress and tell you some fascinating thing 😀

The notification that distracted me, was this really cute German guy that I started chatting to a little while ago on Tinder. Sadly we didn’t get to meet while he was in Cape Town #storyofmylife

It seems I have a type or maybe I’m attracting a certain type… Hahaha I told a friend the other day… I’m very picky on tinder, his response… probably with a scrunched eyebrows… “No you’re not”…. I said “bloody hell yes I am… my new requirement is… English optional”…. hahahahaha

Anyway apologies for the lame post… I really thought my idea would pop back :/


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