2016: A new way of Life


I know, I know pppffffttt another resolution that will be broken or forgotten in a few days.

This year I would like to add value to my blog, use it even more as a learning tool. I want to show you art that I like and I want to learn about the artist by telling you some facts.

I want to sing, dance to and share my favorite songs with you.

I want to read again and share a review with you. I want to study new topics and show you interesting things I’ve learned. I want to start writing again, I have so many book ideas floating through my thoughts.

I want to watch good movies (and bad ones), shows and documentaries and share with you what I liked and learned about life.

There are so many life changing quotes concealed in books, tv shows, movies… I want you to be motivated, inspired, excited about everything that life has to offer. (and I hope that I am capable of the same to be able to awaken this in you)

I want to run, dance and sweat in gym, and show you that it can be done. With a little bit of work anything can be achieved. I want to eat healthy and share with you awesome new recipes.

I want to love and be loved without judgement or conditions.I want to build meaningful relationships with people around me in love and friendship.

I want to find myself and love every part of myself. Meditate daily and share my experiences. I want to help you find yourself and your inner peace. ❤

I want to live life….


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