Mind dump: vlogging

I lost my will to write posts, this portal started to feel like a diary of “you are my world” post and then the inevitable “break up”… seems like that’s subsided (and think I mostly deleted “THOSE” posts)

Am I back..? Fuck I don’t know, maybe this is just a once off post until next year when I creep in to check if this is still here.

Lol it started to feel like a Taylor Swift album… so I took a very long break with only a handful of posts in the last few years. 

I’m dying to try vlogging but I can’t think of anything useful to contribute to the world… do we really need another pointless vlog? Will it be useful for me to just have a platform to talk shit? Will you be entertained? Can I handle the internet trolls? Is it even worth trying if I can’t even keep up with posting on this blog? 

All very good questions but I have no answers… so here it is WORLD…


Should I start up my blog again?

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