Art Basics – Shapes and Lines

I studied art in high school… like how much more can you possibly learn about drawing and technique…. well a lot.

The teacher I had for 5 years did her best to lay down the foundation of art, but how well can you learn this in a class of 30+ students. And every teacher has a unique style of teaching.

So 16 years after my last art class…. I enrolled in an 8 Week course to refresh the fundamentals, (2 days in and I just finished week 2 hahahaha) anyway it’s hard to break some of the ingrained habits and go through the tedious technique practice, but I’m enjoying the course and finding that a new style is flowing from my pencil.

The course focus’ on the process and techniques involved in drawing and basically, you’re not allowed to finished drawings yet… which is very difficult but I can see why, as each step builds on the previous.

The first week was all about basic shapes and observing objects (no tracing actually drawing what you see) 

And the second week was about mark making, this was actually quite an eye opener as I never add emotion to a drawing, I try to copy it absolutely as is. 

The Art & Science of Drawing by Brent Eviston 

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