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I think of myself as a self-taught jack-of-all trades, having done so much during my life and yet feel like there’s so much more out there for me to learn and share. My keen interest for knowledge, my OCD passion for research and my life experiences have given me the drive to push through obstacles I never thought possible.

I am an amateur artist, amateur photographer, amateur writer and AMATEUR LIFER. 

I studied beauty therapy, with added aromatherapy, reflexology and permanent makeup. I started but never finished a HR degree, as I was lead into the wonderful world of marketing. And now find myself heading back to Human resources but this time HR development, course design, sharing, teaching, facilitating and presenting. 

I have a personal love for digital marketing. Creativity within the Adobe suite allows me to tap into my passion as well as fulfil the other role that my clients require, which is designing of marketing material that is distributed via Social Media channels, mass email campaigns as well as their websites.

My work experience for the past 18 years brings with it a range of proficiencies, including retail, event co-ordinating, marketing, HR assistance, technical roles with strong administrative, trouble shooting, problem solving and computer skills.

My superpowers include being able to translate geek-speak into a language for the rest of us, in both English and Afrikaans. My passion is technology, and my digital devices are never far away. 

I enjoy learning and you will always find me studying something new and interesting on Coursera, TedTalks, LinkedIn Learning and many other study sites. 

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