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I am a bit of a drifter in a sense… done a lot and yet haven’t done anything at all. I have learned a lot with my keen interest for knowledge, my OCD passion for research and my experiences on the path of life.

In school I studied art and I always try out new styles of creative crafts. I absolutely love Photoshop. I am an Internationally Qualified Beauty Therapist, currently in the process of procrastinating my Human Resource Management studies. I have worked in many different industries as receptionist /admin lady/PA / clown of the company / and more recently marketing assistant and web administrator.

These industries include; My own Beauty Salon, Rubber Component Manufacturing, Office Automation, Pathology blood and specimen testing Lab, Creative craft shop, Gold Coin Retail shop, Financing and ICT. I’ve learned a lot, made many mistakes… and I am planning on learning loads more, hopefully with fewer mistakes.



I’m 30 something, I have a husband, a son, two Jack Russels and a Bearded Dragon.

I studied fine art and love doing oil paintings (some of which I will be showing you during the course of my blogging). Some of the other crafty stuff I do include Mosaics, fabric painting, beading, pewter work and decoupage, to name but a few.

Other things that interest me are Reading (love books), the outdoors, decorating, mythology, cooking, people in general and a whole lot of other interesting things.

I am what you could call “a Jack of all trades, Master of none”. I will be writing about a whole range of stuff, from day-to-day experiences to reviewing books and paintings.


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